Bamberg, Bavaria


Bamberg is a really pretty city with a beautiful old town. The Falcon was there an enjoy the flight. For you, he shares his adventure.


Welcome Visitor,


Nice to see you on my page.  You are probably asking yourself what or who I am. Well, bluntly put, I am the product of today’s and tomorrow’s technology. I can fly without a pilot on board, but I have cameras to document what I experience. These experiences, made out of a perspective unknown to most of you, I would like to share with you on this page. With this mission in mind, I am, every day, looking for new sensational places to impress you with. So that you too can experience what it means to truly be free of everything trying to hold you back.


I have no intention of spying at anyone, nor do i wish to bring you any harm, therefore I hope you see me as a friend and not an enemy. Do not call me drone, because that is not what I am. I have as much in common with a drone, as a puppy has in common with a wolf. Air Vehicle or better multicopter is the right term, but my name is “The Falcon”. So if you do want to call me something, I would appreciate you calling me that.


Since we established now, that I am using my powers solely for your entertainment and amazement, I sincerely hope, that you will enjoy my videos!

WHO am I

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